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What is Paint Correction?

In order to provide our customers with the widest breadth of choice when it comes to car detailing, we offer paint correction. It is a great option for anybody looking  to refurbish the look of their car, even if it has scratches and imperfections.

Paint Correction is the process of using abrasive chemicals to buff out any imperfections in the paint. Hence, “Paint Correction”. This service is usually for older vehicles that have been exposed to the elements, dirt, and grime for long periods of time. 

Over time, the paint wears out and starts to develop swirls and cuts that can totally ruin the appearance of the vehicle. That is why Paint Correction Miami is such a great option for anybody looking to make their car look as new as possible. 

Before Paint Correction

vs. After Paint Correction

Process Of Paint Correction

Paint correction is a process of removing imperfections and restoring the original shine and finish of a car’s paintwork. Here is a general overview of our “Paint Correction Miami” services. 

  1. Wash the car: We ensure that the vehicle removes any dirt and debris from the paint’s surface. This step is essential before every paint correction.
  2.  Inspect the paint: Next, the paint is inspected to determine the extent of the damage and identify any imperfections, such as swirl marks, scratches, and oxidations.
  3. Clay bar treatment: After inspection, the car is treated with a clay bar to remove any embedded contaminants that cannot be removed through washing alone.
  4. Paint correction: The actual paint correction process begins with the use of a machine polisher and a variety of abrasive compounds to gradually remove a thin layer of clean coat from the surface of the paint. The process is done in a series of steps, each using a progressively finer abrasive to remove deeper scratches and swirls. 
  5. Finishing polish: Once the major imperfections have been removed the job of the paint correction is nearly done. After, a polish is used to refine the finish and remove any remaining minor scratches and swirls. 
  6. A sealant or Wax application: Finally, a sealant or wax is applied to protect the newly corrected paint and provide a long-lasting shine.


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