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Do you tip car detailers? 3-step checklist

Do you tip car detailers? 3-step checklist

Do You Tip For Car Detailing?

Do you tip for car detailing? Depending on the size of the detailing job and the cost of the service you should tip around 10-15% of the final cost of the work. This is the standard tipping amount in most service-based industries and it also applies to car detailing.

I just want to preface this blog post by saying that tipping your car detailer is not mandatory. But, if you want to learn the ins and outs of why we recommend tipping, read on.

Do you tip car detailers

How much to tip for a car detail

Knowing how much to tip for a car detail is a pretty gut-wrenching task. People tend to ask themselves:

    • Do they really need it?
    • They are already charging so much, why would they need it?

When the question they should be asking is:

    •  Do They Deserve It?

  It should come as no surprise that car detailers do hard work. They spend nearly their entire day hunched over inside cars. They scrub, wipe, and buff out product on your car so that it comes out looking brand new.

 Not only that, but detailers like myself often work in the hot sun and tons of humidity to get the job done. Don’t get me wrong we love the work and the results that come with every job well done. However, that doesn’t change the fact that we’re human, we need to take breaks, and we sometimes the work can be a little exhausting especially when we’re on that second or third car of the day.

That being said, does the car detailer deserve it? You should never reward anyone for a bad job. Tipping should be indicative of not only your satisfaction with the service but also of your intention to use their services again. 

In the next section, we’ll go over how to tell “how much to tip a car detailer” by giving you a brief checklist that you should be looking out for. 

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How much to tip car detailers: the checklist.


There are three main factors that you should take into consideration when you’re deciding “Do you tip car detailers”.  Those factors are an effort on the part of the car detailer, experience, and results. As in any service, these are things that you should always take into consideration when deciding when to tip.


 With this, you should ask yourself How long did they spend working on my vehicle? Obviously, this isn’t the only criterion that you should consider when deciding whether to tip or not. Meaning that if a detailer spends 100 hours detailing your car, that is not grounds to tip them. However, if you recognize a high level of activity and effort throughout the whole time that they are detailing your car. You should consider tipping them.

As I mentioned before, detailing is no easy task. So, if you’re car detailer is spending hours detailing your car. It takes a lot out of them, and in my opinion, they should be rewarded for their efforts.

Do you tip car detailers

Experience: Another aspect that you should consider when deciding “do you tip car detailers” is the experience that you had with the detailing company.  

    • Did they communicate effectively?

    • Did they give you a clear price from the get-go?

    • Did they give you any surprise charges?

    • Did they clearly articulate the services that they would provide?

These are things that you should consider in every service-based industry. It is a part of the industry, companies need to properly communicate their services in order to give the highest quality service to their customers. So, you feel that at any point your car detailer is communicating well with you and trying his best in order to describe the process. You should consider giving him a tip.

Do you tip car detailers


This has to be the most obvious part of the checklist. The results. If your car detailer leaves your car in perfect condition and satisfied every promise that they made, you should consider tipping. 

This also ties into the experience aspect of detailing, as communication and time mean nothing if you don’t see the results that you’re looking for. Detailing as an industry prides itself in the enhancement and protection that it can bring to its customer’s vehicles.

Do you tip car detailers?

Do you tip the car detailer?

Do you tip the car detailer? So, if recognize effort on the part of the car detailer in terms of time, communication, and results. You should definitely consider tipping them. 

Do detailers expect tips?

As a person in the industry, I can confidently say that we do not expect tips. We are always grateful to those amazing customers that choose to tip us for our service. Car detailers price their services according to the quality and the amount of time that they spend on car detailing. 

That being said our business model doesn’t depend on tips. However, when they do come around we are to express our gratitude to those generous individuals that do tip.

So how much should you tip?

Now that you have answered the question “do you tip car detailers?”, how much do you tip? At the end of the day, you determine how much you want to tip. The industry average is 10-15% of the cost of the service. 

If you want to learn more about the car detailing process and the industry check out more content on our blog. 

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If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to let us know. Thank you for reading!

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